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Morning Musume '22 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ (2022/02/05) Excerpt

Yagi Shiori "Ikuta-san, your skin is so white and your hair is so pretty.. you really look like a French doll." - Ikuta Erina "Th- Tha- Thank you..”


This radio excerpt includes Ikuta Erina, Haga Akane and Kitagawa Rio. Members will be addressed by their last name & previous shown colors will be used to indicate who is talking.

Ikuta: Ehm.. the other day, well Hagachin was there. Well, recently I changed my hair to bright blonde right.

Haga: Right

Ikuta: I changed it from pink. Then, the other day Yagi Shiori-chan told me “Ikuta-san, I was watching this video earlier, and wow your skin is so white and your hair is so pretty.. Ikuta-san really looks like a French doll.”

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: But you know, Eri is too shy lol

Haga: Right lol

Ikuta: So Eri was like “Th- Tha- Thank you..”

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Haga: So polite lol

Ikuta: It was like “You’re too cute” – “Ah th-thank you” – so on the contrary, Eri became the kouhai.

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: I kept saying “Th-thank you, th-thank you”, and Rika-sama right next to us would be bursting out in laughter.

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: She said “Well it’s because Ikuta-san is shy, you know”

Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: So after the rehearsals we went backstage, feeling I should say something back after Yagi-chan took the trouble to talk to me & all I could say was “thank you”… Mizuki told me “You should tell Yagi-chan she looks like something cute too, I think it’d be good to compare her to something cute instead of just saying ‘you’re cute’”

Haga + Kitagawa: Ohhhh

Ikuta: “Well then I’ll say she looks like a matryoshka doll”

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: “Since it gives us a chance to talk”

Haga: What’s that supposed to mean? Lol

Kitagawa: Yeah lol

Haga: What is even going on lol

Kitagawa: I have no idea what you’re trying to do lol

Ikuta: Either way, after that I called out to Yagi-chan like “How did you like my hair?”

Haga: Asking politely again? lol

Ikuta: “How did you like it?” – “Ah, it was cute ” like that

Haga: Right

Ikuta: Then I said “Ah well, you know, Yagi-chan is kinda cute too”

Haga: Ahahah matryoshka

Ikuta: “You look like a matryoshka doll…” I said in a low voice lol

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: Maybe she didn’t really get it lol

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Haga: Just why a matryoshka doll lol

Kitagawa: Ahaha

Ikuta: But seriously (lol) I tried my best to compare her to something cute, but I couldn’t come up with anything. I could only think of a matryoshka doll.

Haga: Ahaha so you could really only think of things like a matryoshka doll or a nutcracker lol

Ikuta: Right lol

Haga: Ahaha

Ikuta: So that’s why I whispered “You look like a matryoshka doll…” lol

Haga: Ah well even if she heard you, I’m pretty sure she heard it wrong.

Kitagawa: Right lol

Haga: Like “Huh what did Ikuta-san just say?”

Kitagawa: “Mato, matryoshka?”

Haga: “She didn’t say matryoshka right? What was it?” lol

Kitagawa: Ahaha

Ikuta: Ah well lol that was.. my episode about working hard with our kouhai.

Haga: Right. You tried hard lol

Ikuta: Eri really did her best didn’t I? lol

Haga: You did, you did lol

Ikuta: I did my best right? I did my best with this right?

Haga: You did your best. Your very best lol

Ikuta: Since there were also about 3 members pushing my back like “Yagi-chan is here”

Haga + Kitagawa: Ahahaha

Ikuta: “Kokuhaku suru Mae no Otoko no ko” (“confessing to the boy in front of me” ; believe it’s a pun on Beyooooonds' “Megane no Otoko no Ko”)

Haga: That’s too funny lol

Ikuta: Then after all that I was like “Ah eh h-how did I do?”

Haga: Ikuta-san, with your bright blonde hair like that, having such communication skills is really… You know, very entertaining to watch from the sideline lol

Kitagawa: Ahaha

Ikuta: Really? lol

Haga: Yeah ahaha

Ikuta: Great. Yaaaay

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