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What does Ikuta Erina from Morning Musume '18 do to get fired up before a live or photoshoot? (24 hours of #eriponkawaii!)

What Ikuta Erina from Morning Musume '18 does to get fired up before an important live performance or before a photo shoot

The high quality of their singing and dancing is so amazing, that they are said to be "athletes rather than idols", and so Morning Musume '18 continues to steadily increase their fanbase.

With over 100 concerts a year, various events and stage performances, and even overseas performances, these girls continue to compete with their physical strength. Among them, sub-leader Eripon aka Ikuta Erina, who joined the group in 2011, has had a perfect attendance for about 8 years. Previously, we asked her about the many measures she takes against a cold and asked her about beauty and health tips.

So far, we have focused on Ikuta-san's "strength", but in this final installment, we will focus on her "cuteness" ❤️

In fact, she loves fluffy pajamas and likes to play crane games... Let's check out this cute, real face right away ❤️

Q: What's your favorite winter fashion lately?

It's knitwear! I think girls who wear knit items look nice, and I think moe sleeves (sleeves covering hands) and such are cute (laughs). This year, I bought a white loose off-turtleneck one-piece knit and I'm wearing it with a Chesterfield camel colored coat. It looks cute with knee-high boots, short boots, or even anything else. I love clothes so much that whenever I have some free time, I immediately go look at clothes! 

Q: What do you currently wear to bed?

Recently, I have been wearing fuzzy pajamas. I used to wear Gelato Pique until a while ago, but when we performed in Mexico, I got fuzzy pajamas with lots of bears on them, recommended by my generation mate Fukumura Mizuki. So I have been wearing those. They are warm (laughs).

Q: What have you been enjoying these days?

Recently I really like taking pictures. I have always enjoyed going somewhere with friends and taking pictures of ourselves, and I also like having a photographer taking pictures of me like this.

The real Ikuta Erina can be a bit selfish (laughs), but during a shoot, when I'm standing there as the proper idol Eripon, "Morning Musume's Ikuta Erina", I just feel happy.

Q: Before a photoshoot or other jobs, is there anything you do to get fired up or to improve your beauty?

I go to a beauty salon and facial esthetician to get all the quick fixes done with the help of a professional. I also try to get as much sleep as possible. If I get home late and we had a concert the day before, I put my backpack down at my front door and go straight to bath! I'll get ready for bed and go to sleep right away. This one time after getting home, and already being in bed, I contacted the members to tell them and they said "It's too early to sleep", either way I go to sleep early (laughs).

Q: Are there any beauty routines you follow for a certain period of time, such as during tours or seasonally?

The final live of a tour will usually be recorded on DVD, so the whole week before I use the Sabon body scrub. I use it all over my body, from my face down to my feet.

In the past, when I did it only the night before the live, I was like "Why am I sweating so much?!", I used to sweat so much so I decided doing it for a whole week before is best for me.

I also use a lot of glittery make-up on the day of the live, so it will show up well in the recording. I also use liquid eyeliner and mascara from Heroine Make because they don't really wear off, so I bring those with me and use it for my make-up.

Q: When you feel a little tired, what do you do to refresh yourself?

Recently I love crane games! When I get a little tired, I go to the arcade and play some crane games. Will I be able to get a lot of figurines? It's only 1000 yen! So I decide on one, and if I can't get it I give up (laughs).

Sometimes I get a Disney princess figurine or a Pooh plushie. A while ago I got a figurine from the Kano sisters! I actually met Kano Mika-san and we exchanged contact information, and after I got to know her, I thought she was a really cute person, and came to like her a lot.

I also often use aromatherapy. The scent I like the most is lavender, which is good for a night's sleep. I also have tried using rosemary and chamomille, and heard that the scent of geranium is good for the female hormones. So I use it both as aroma and in my shampoo.

Q: Finally, what is your secret to stay energetic?

Just having fun. After I heard a friend of mine say "Enjoying life is a win-win situation", I began to think that time spent sleeping is a waste of time. While I am sleeping, there are people who are enjoying their lives even more, and my life expectancy is shrinking rapidly in the meantime. With that in mind, I don't end up sleeping in.

Even on my off days, I get up between 9 and 10 A.M. and leave the house around 11 A.M. I don't like having nothing to do as I feel it's a waste, so I try to not be completely free by making plans as often as possible!

Incidentally, Ikuta-san said she often wears street fashion these days, and on the day of the shoot, she chose a one-piece dress that matched the energy of CanCam. This is the kind of exact spirit Ikuta-san uses on her blog and social media, with her hashtag #eriponkawaii ❤️

Keep an eye out for Morning Musume '18, and next year Morning Musume '19, which brought together a variety of beautiful, strong and shining young warriors on stage, including Ikuta-san, who made an appearance on our site this time!

(Photography by Ishiyama Takashi; Stylist - Tanabe Saori; Hair & Make-up - Akiyama Hitomi (PEACE MONKEY); Composition - Goto Kaori)

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