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Morning Musume '22 71st single "Chu Chu Chu Bokura no Mirai / Dai Jinsei Never Been Better!" Limista Event (06-01~06-09)

A Limista event has been announced for Morning Musume '22's new single scheduled to release on June 8th!

Here below is a helpful overview for the two purchase rounds to be able to obtain signatures.

If you'd like to participate but don't know how, please click here for an extensive guide! (the order guide will be updated with the new system later on, once known how it exactly works)

FYI: all hours noted below are Japanese Standard Time (!). Please don't forget to convert to your time!

Limista Links

First round (lottery) :
Second round (first-come-first-serve) :


Chu Chu Chu Bokura no Mirai version

2022/06/01 (Wednesday)
① 6 P.M. ~ Oda Sakura, Morito Chisaki
② 7:30 P.M. ~ Fukumura Mizuki, Okamura Homare
③ 9 P.M. ~ Ishida Ayumi, Makino Maria

2021/06/02 (Thursday)
④ 6 P.M. ~ Kaga Kaede, Yamazaki Mei
⑤ 7:30 P.M. ~ Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina
⑥ 9 P.M. ~ Ikuta Erina, Nonaka Miki

★ 2022/06/03 (Friday)
⑦ 7 P.M. ~ Kitagawa Rio (with Ishida Ayumi)

Dai Jinsei Never Been Better! version

★ 2022/06/03 (Friday)
① 7 P.M. ~ Ishida Ayumi (with Kitagawa Rio)
② 8:30 P.M. ~ Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane

★ 2021/06/06 (Monday)
③ 6 P.M. ~ Morito Chisaki, Kitagawa Rio
④ 7:30 P.M. ~ Makino Maria, Yokoyama Reina
⑤ 9 P.M. ~ Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina

★ 2022/06/09 (Thursday)
⑥ 6 P.M. ~ Kaga Kaede, Okamura Homare
⑦ 7:30 P.M. ~ Oda Sakura, Yamazaki Mei

Order content and information

You can purchase up to one set per member. That means you can technically buy up to 14 items in one order (multiple members = same order).

This time around, as said before, there are two rounds for purchasing. This does not mean there are two limista events, rather the sales for one event will be spread out in two different purchase rounds.

The rounds will follow up each other, meaning the second round will start once the first round has "finished" selling. Note that deadlines for certain things will differ (these will be shown later). Below more explanation about both rounds:

First round: the sales will start of with a lottery round. For a limited time, you will be ably to apply for lottery to get chosen to buy one package per member. You can apply for multiple members, just only once per member. If chosen, you will get a winning mail from Limista and you are able to make the payment within the deadline for your won items. Note this does not equal winning the live signing lottery, like usual this is another separate lottery that will still happen as well.

Second round: after the 1st round has finished "selling", a potential (!) second round with first-come-first-serve system will be organised. Potentional meaning Limista does note that if any sold outs happen with the first round - there will be no second round (most likely speaking per specific member). This is the regular system we know from previous events. For this event, as long as there is availability, you can buy multiple packs per member in separate orders.

Content of the pack

Chu Chu Chu Bokura no Mirai version: Regular A edition + Limited A edition (3290 yen) + shipping fee (TBD)

Dai Jinsei Never Been Better! versionRegular B edition + Limited B edition (3290 yen) + shipping fee (TBD)

Signs: Will be done on a shikishi size of a CD case with a group photo in the corner, signed to your nickname with the chosen members signature written in the middle

Application/sales times

First round (lottery) 

  • Application: from 3rd of May (Tuesday) 9 P.M. until 8th of May 11:59 P.M. (Sunday)
  • Lottery results: on 9th of May (Monday) by 11:59 P.M.
  • Payment: until 10th of May (Tuesday) 11:59 P.M.

Second round (first-come-first-serve)

  • Sales: from 13th of May (Friday) 9 P.M. until 19th of May 11:59 P.M. (Thursday)

Nickname and message limitations/changes

  • Nickname can be up to 10 characters
  • Limited to hiragana, katakana and punctuation marks
  • Message is limited to 120 characters

You can change your nickname and message after purchase on "My Page". There however is a deadline.

Until 16th of May 11:59 P.M. (Monday)

Live sign lottery results

As usual there will be a lottery to decide who appears in the live stream for live signing. You can only win once per member. You will be receiving a mail from on following date and time if you won the lottery:

On 27th of May 8 P.M. (Tuesday)

Delivery information

Around 8th of June (release date; note delivery might be later for the signs done on 9th of June).

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