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Ranking Eripon's Birthday Goods... from worst to best!

... This is kind of a strange post for this blog isn't it? But, I figured if it's a personal blog, I can post some fun stuff on here as well. And I really felt like doing this, for some reason. It's not something that fits well on Twitter, so I'm just going to throw it on here.

A while ago I suddenly realized I'm very close to celebrating my 10th anniversary as Eripon fan! And with her having been in the group for over 10 years, that means we've got plenty of birthday event goods already. Really great ones, and some... less great ones.

Maybe it'd be fun to make some posts like this leading up to my 10th anniversary as a fan? (lol). We'll see how long I keep up with that.

Anyways; before we start on the ranking; some extra info on how I'll decide...

First of all, I'm going to be ranking from worst to best. Just to keep that suspension, it's more fun this way. And second of all; I will not only be focusing on the outfits, but also the type of available goods. It's not only the outfit that makes the birthday goods amazing.

With that being said; let's get to the ranking!

9) 2020

I honestly can't blame UFP too much for this one, as Eripon's event happened around the time concerts could slowly resume. And I assume budget wasn't really big due to covid... But I was so disappointed with these goods (lol).

A cute white dress, but too simple for someone like Eripon...

First of all... The dress. There's honestly nothing wrong with it. It's a cute, white dress with black details... But we're talking about Eripon here, who's all about loud fashion. ... So I don't know, it feels a bit too simple and innocent?

While I do own this, I actually have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it...

Secondly; there was just an immense lack of goods. All we got was a few photo sets and the general goodie that all members got that year (that acrylic stick thing). The shirt they made couldn't impress me either. The only great thing probably was the mini photobook; which will come to my third point...

They only gave us these photos for a second event; but only in A5 size. A CRIME.

This is probably what pissed me off most: the lack of use of the other outfits. As said before, all photo sets are in that same white dress. You wouldn't know if you didn't buy the mini photobook, but there's actually two more outfits they used for this! A very cute, pink long dress and a vintage polka-dot look.

You don't tell me they couldn't make a few photo sets in these??? Just one for each and I would've been happy... Also no lies here; but that pink dress is a million times prettier on her and should have been the main dress for the event.

Well, guess my point was made here.

8) 2017

Similarly to 2020, this year had just a lack of birthday goods. Why? I honestly don't know. But the fact I think the outfit does not really fit her, nor do I really like Eripon's general look in it... Makes it come in at place 8.

Somehow she looks more like 2014 Eripon...

Now first of all... I don't know how to explain this without it sounding strange, but the way Eripon's hair is styled plus her make-up looking very faint... Makes me so confused because she reminds me much more of a 2014 era Eripon, than a 2017 one. Does that make sense?

It confuses me a LOT. I keep forgetting this was 2017, you know. And I don't mean this in a bad way, but this was around the time she learned so much about beauty and changed immensely (you can't say I'm making this up or being rude, because I literally have an article on my blog where she talks about this...). In these photos, it really doesn't look like that... She never wears her bangs that way anymore nor does she wear such faint make-up, so I'm not sure what went on here. I just don't think it was a flattering styling...

Also... the dress. It's not bad (again), but like the previous one I just think it doesn't scream "Eripon". It's beautiful and very classy, which is why I give it a slightly higher place than 2020. But I know we've had better outfits ...

I love this keychain! I own it, but it's sad that was pretty much all we got...

As said with 2020, lack of goods again. Have to be honest here; there was a microfiber towel included. But it was really plain with a white background... There was also no other outfit among the goods; which is no surprise for the latest birthday goods anyways. But I feel if you don't have that; there should be rlly cute extra goodies to make up for it. Which was not the case in this year...

7) 2015

Now, this was a difficult one to rank because I love so much goodies from this event... but then there's another part I don't really think is that great. Lack of goods is not the case here; but it is more the general image...

A not so much flattering hairstyle and plain outfit makes it uninteresting to me...

First of all, there is one of the outfits in this event I don't like much. Actually, it's maybe more about her haircut. I absolutely never liked too short haircuts on Eripon. Yeah she always had shorter hair in the early years, but the times she cut it shorter than usual, my heart always sank into my shoes (lol). There are idols I find to be looking so much better with them (Duu, Kaedii). But I feel Eripon was always made for longer hairstyles.

Point is: I don't like it and the school uniform feels a bit bland. I don't mind uniforms, but for a birthday event it's quite simple. Not even a longer hairstyle would've made me like the outfit more.

I wish I could tell you this was smth I quickly made in paint, but nope, it's an official wristband...

Second of all... the tacky birthday goods. Now you don't hear me complain, I looooved the cap they made in this style (and it took me years to obtain it!). But the tote bag and wristband were... lol. This was something that looked like it was slapped together in paint, and that's my main complain about it.

Among all the negativity, I do want to share the one positive thing which is IKEMEN PON

The designs are also very... edgy. Around this time Eripon was experimenting with the ikemen style (which is the other outfit for this event; and that is the part I absolutely LOVED). So it kind of reflected in the goodies they designed, but even if they tried harder... I personally didn't really like those edgy designs. It's especially strange because she had super cute designs the year before; so I suppose that's why it made me go ???

6) 2016

Look, now we are actually getting to my favorite ones. I will have very little negative things to say from here on; it's just basically going from least favorite to favorite really.

A very cute Eripon; in both outfits! I can't complain

This event had two simple, but really cute outfits! One was a shorter pink dress, and the other was a grey off-the-shoulder top combined with a white skirt. I think what tops this off are the super cute hairstyles. Especially the bun is!!! I love Eripon with a bun, it's always a win!!! (and she actually looks like her 2016 self here, compared to 2017)

The most wholesome penlight ever; thank you Up Front

The ONE complaint I have to give here is, again, the lack of goods. A handful of photo sets, and two goodies is still not too much... But honestly, they've been forgiven because I actually like the microfiber towel here. Plus, the other goodie, I just... It's genius. I want to thank them forever for making a penlight for her; since not many members actually get these!!! (did you notice the return of the 2015 style in the penlight lol)

5) 2018

Based on the outfit alone, I really did not want to place it this low? But there are other factors I have to think about, so it'll have to end up here...

The cutest. The bestest. I love her.

I actually have very little negative things to say about this? The outfit is one of my absolute favorites! Pastel colors, suuuper cute... Yup, this is Eripon. Since this event I feel they've finally been giving her outfits screaming her name (except for 2020 maybe). It's honestly so good looking on her; I remember being so happy about these goods!

One of the best birthday goodies ever; in my opinion

The only tiny complaint? Lack of goods. Actually, this event didn't have anything next to the double sided keychain everyone got (so it's even less than usual lol). But I'm not even mad about it? Because I loved the outfit so much, and the keychain is really one of my favorite goodies ever. So... Despite the lack; I never felt these were inferior.

4) 2014

Now it actually gets to really great ones; both in outfits, amount of goods, ... Nothing is lacking! In terms of actual goods available, this one would be getting a second place.

Three outfits? And they look this great??? A GIFT I say

This is one of the rare events... that had three outfits somehow. Three??? I don't know why we got this many, but I'm not complaining. Oh and for this one, unlike 2020, we had 2L sets for each outfit. Couldn't get any better!

What's more is that all three outfits are really great. The jeans jacket outfit is so Eripon; really stylish and edgy just the way I love her. The bunny outfit reflected her "bunny girl" thing she was trying to aim for (just a girl who acts all cute and innocent). And while the last outfit is not something we were used to see on Eripon... She just fits it so well. That long hair, the dress??? There's nothing to complain about, she just slays it!

I don't own this bag and I'm very mad about it

There were a few other goodies next to the photos; like a button shirt, wristband, microfiber towel and a tote bag! So there is nothing to complain here either. Well, just one thing. The designs for the shirt and wristband weren't that great, but on the contrary the bag and towel were totally cute. So basically almost no negatives here!

3) 2013

Technically.. This should be one if we're considering the overall quality. It's simply one of the best events ever in general, and the goods were phenomenal. I'm just truly biased for current era Eripon, so that's why I'm putting this one here... In my heart you're number one, I swear.

The most creative and cutest sets we ever got... I recently finally obtained these

Honestly where to begin? There's so much to cover with this event. It's good to know that this was actually a "Niigaki wo Ouensuru Kai" event, but in theme for Eripon's birthday... It's still considered her very first birthday event though.

First of all this must be one of the best outfits ever. It's completely green, awesome! It also brought that edgy, cool style she has going on and I absolutely love it. It even makes me forget that I don't like her super short haircut in these! The attributes in these photos (uchiwa, microphone) also top it off.. just amazing.

Isn't this cute!!! The green penlights, the cap... Yes

It's also good to mention this event had two official guests; Harunan and Sakura. So it's really cool that both of them were even included within the goods. The event also had really cool goodies. There was this cap (which she actually wore during the event instead of the one in the photos), a silicon wristband, and (yes this was before Cool! Hello) a birthday shirt designed by Eripon.

It's honestly hard to top these goodies; but as I said I'm biased for current era...

2) 2021

It's honestly a bit cliché to rank the recent one so high no? Honestly though... This is a really great one. A great styling and good outfit makes for an awesome set of goodies.

I'm not even sure what to call her.. Knight Eripon-sama? 

To be fair this wasn't something I expected on her, but it fits her so well? It's so cool and heroïc! Some fans said it looked like Uta no Prince-sama. It definitely has that classy feel... Like prince (Gaki *cough*) meets knight meets princess? I don't know, I just know that I like these! Also twintail Eripon... Is hard to resist.

I'm so goddamn proud of her for doing all of this... Her own golf fashion brand??

Next to this, we're even getting a set of Eripon in her Eleyvs Golf designed clothing. If that is news to you; yes Eripon has her own golf fashion brand! Really cool because I never expected them to give us official photos for those! It's a great addition to the birthday goodies, even if it doesn't really go within the theme.. I'll take it, you know.

It's kind of ironic we're getting a water bottle for Eripon.. Wouldn't this be something for Rio? lol

There's also a few goodies; and a surprisingly decent amount this time. There's the mini acrylic uchiwa keychain everyone's getting, but also a water bottle with Eripon design + a shirt with a similar Eripon design. While generally plain, I think the water bottle looks absolutely great! It's simplistic (and goes hand in hand with Eripon's love for high end fashion which usually has simplistic designs as well) and it still works well. Plus; I just love useful goods like this, so I'm always going to say YES to this type of item.

To be fair... the shirt is kind of a miss, which might be one of the reasons I'm not putting it on no. 1 (and simply because I love the outfit for no. 1 a tiny bit more). It uses the same design as the bottle, but it just doesn't work well. The placement is off and it just looks too tacky to be mimicking a high end brand (lol).

1) 2019

The bestest of the best... Number one! I don't think this will be surprising, as it was a favorite of many fans and I'm glad everyone liked it as well as I did.

Honestly how much better can it get?

2019 was the year of the glorious gal-pon. Bit of background: Eripon always loved gal fashion, and actually wanted to be one during her younger years (but I assume she didn't because confidence maybe; relatable). So this was kind of the moment where she said.. I'll finally do it! And honestly, wow just wow. The moment these goods dropped I screamed so loud? Once again this is something a little more edgy but it's totally her! Honestly just this outfit alone is making it number one, this set could literally be all of it and I'd still put it at number one.

"I'll put a spell on you to make you love me forever" ... powerful I love her

Next to that there were some really cool goodies; such as an uchiwa (with an awesome message on the back; love that).

To be fair, font/text on the back is tacky but if you put it in your pants you can't see it anyways (lol)

As well as a shirt worth showing and mentioning; I talked about so many shirts before but never showed them (lol). It's cool because it says #eriponkawaii (we did not have one like that before!). And it uses a style similar to the "Supreme" logo, one of her favorite brands (this time I feel they did succeed in portraying that). It's surprisingly plain but yet so cute I did not hesitate to get it...

And with that... The ranking is finished! This was so much fun to make, but a lot of hard work as I spend a whole evening on this. Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading this. See you next time!

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