Wednesday, August 9, 2023

I wrote in detail about this time's costumes, all fans check it please. Ikuta Erina

Hi❤️ It's Eripon ( ̄▽ ̄)

This time, as Hagachin talked about it yesterday,
I will tell you about the costumes I designed!

It was a lot of fun doing it,
But there were also a lot of hardships...

But when I saw the members in the outfits,
I wanted to work even harder on them...

It was a great experience
To design the outfits!!!!

Let's talk about those outfits!

As for the accessories,
The members wore what matched the performances in our Budokan show
So we might not have worn all the accessories lol

Thank you for understanding lol

1st outfit

The white dresses!

Starting on that costume
Made me feel I want to make costumes!!!

Since it was our 25th anniversary concert tour
I had it made to be an all-white dress
To express our feelings of congratulation and blessing!!!

As for Eri...

I really like "Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite"
But I don't just love the song
It's also because of everyone's expressions
When we're performing it!

It's a performance only possible
With Tsunku's songs...

But I really like the members' performance in it!

Eri always thought it'd be great
To dance to this song in a long dress
So I kept telling our managers & higher up management
That I'd like us to do this song in this type of outfit! ♡⃛

We also usually take off jackets in concerts,
But this time I asked if we could perform
Taking off our dresses instead!

Everyone looked really cute in white,
And I asked each member to choose
A larger accessory than usual!!

This is very Eri-like right
There's some who watch us from behind
So after all such an accessory helps with your vision
And to follow the members around right?

"The girl with that accessory was cute"
That's what people use with their first impression
They will talk about the girl with the ribbon or the headband!

2nd outfit

The yellow camouflage costumes!!!

This isn't Anniversary related
But we made it with the image
Of  the former and current Morning Musume in mind!

So, like Platinum Era and Golden Era
I wanted to give off the feeling
That even though those members are no longer around,
If they would wear these outfits,
They'd become the current Morning Musume!

I also looked at what suits each member
And had them add
Their own favorite elements to it!!!

Eri's image for this,
I was thinking about the baggy outfits our senpai's wore
Do you know what I mean? lol
I see something like that and think "Ah! It's totally Morning Musume-like!"

When the top is a tight fit
And the bottoms are baggy!

About the camouflage lol

I don't really know why but this is also Eri's image,
Whenever I'd see the Morning Musume I liked
They were always wearing camouflage outfits!

For some reason I had the image
Camouflage outfits suit Morning Musume
So I chose camouflage for this project!

I've been in Morning Musume for a long time
But this was my first experience with costume design!

I'd be thinking about the accessories for everyone for this outfit,
But when our tour started I realized I didn't have any of my own

Before I knew it, the fitting time was over

And when I was choosing everyone's accessories
I forgot to choose my own
Then Mizuki came to me...

Eripon didn't choose an accessory right?
I picked one that seemed Eripon-like!

So she chose for me

It made me really happy
When fans told Eri they liked the accessory I chose
For their favorite member!

I got such an opportunity this time,
But if I get the chance I'd love to do it again!!

If you are not a fan of Eri,
Thank you for reading this blog!!
It was a bit long and difficult right? lol

But since Eri didn't have a chance
To explain the meaning behind the costumes before,
Please take this opportunity to look at your oshi in these costumes again!

And you can buy the goods lol

For Eri's fans!

Those who read Eri's empty blog everyday
You were surprised to see
Such a blog with so much content, right!

But I think Eri's fans
Understand me the best!

Eri didn't design the silver outfit!

Please also see my Insta!

Thank you for following!!!!


You guys won the bus tour lottery right?
Please tell me!

The bus tour costumes
I don't really want to use this word since I'm an idol...

They're damn cute