Sunday, January 9, 2022

Osaka. Ikuta Erina

Hi❤️ It's Eripon ( ̄▽ ̄)

I've been talking daily with Riitan on Line lol

Earlier Eri went to Tsuruhashi Korea Town with Riitan and Sakipyon!!

Eri really wanted to go there
So they checked it out beforehand for me!!!!

Made me so happy ❤️

It wasn't crowded at all when Eri went
But when I asked Riitan about it, she said there were long lines sometimes!!

I was relieved!!!

I want to go back next time to eat chicken and all ❤️

After that
We went to Abeno Q's Mall!!

It was so much fun!!

It's always fun
When I'm with Riitan and Sakipyon!!

I often meet up with Riitan
So if you want to hear a funny story about the times I'm sleepy
Please definitely ask Riitan about it lol

I don't remember any of it but it's funny lol

I've updated my Instagram!!!

Please check it out ❤️