Sunday, January 9, 2022

That time I burned myself. Ikuta Erina

Is it okay if I tell you about that time I burned myself a while ago? lol

I went out to eat steak!!

Since I love the steak at that place!

I went together with my manager who's the same age
Well, it seemed this knife wasn't properly placed on the griddle
It looked like it was about to fall off
And Eri was thinking of not getting burned
By touching the griddle with my hand of course...

So I grabbed the steel part of the knife between my index and middle finger!!!

And then, yes!
The burn was complete lol.. that's how it happened

At that time it was tingling
But I didn't feel like running it down water!!!

I thought "It's fine!"
But then I got a blister!!!

Seriously!!! That's what happened
Well it did kind of hurt

Around that time
It was decided on Christmas I'd be appearing on Young Town the day after
So I had to get Christmas presents for Sanma-san and Shouji-san
I kinda forgot about my burned finger
And just did my preparations for the day after

So on the day before I'd be on Young Town
The city was full of people enjoying the Christmas holiday
With couples and friends.

Eri made a crazy dash
Down the main street of Omotesando
To look for Christmas presents!!!

So I finally found something
"This is perfect!!!!!"

When I finished buying the presents
I looked at my finger

It seemed the blister also had gone away lol

Definitely laugh about this please...

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