Sunday, January 9, 2022

Through my blog. Ikuta Erina

Hi❤️ It's Eripon ( ̄▽ ̄)

What does everyone do during their days off??

Eri is all about playing games
And watching TikToks and Youtube videos!!!

Ah, lately when I see younger people being so successful online
It makes Eri think she has to work hard as well ❤️ lol

When it comes to TikTok
I think it's amazing how you can put together a video in just 1 minute
I've seen some videos made by fans
And thought "They must love us so much to edit them so nicely"

Stuff like that!!

When it comes to YouTube
If I were to start my own YouTube channel
I'd like to do all sorts of videos

Such as someone specializing in beauty!!

A lot of influencers seem to have gotten a dog

Vamyun's Pupu-chan
Tommy-san from Mizutamari Bond's Potato-kun

I daily watch Potato-kun's videos lol

He's so cute!!!

Eri has been making videos every two days as well
But it's so hard to edit!!

I really admire everyone
Because you have to limit it to 1 minute...

It's inspiring to see the hard work
Of so many people around the world!!

Eri thinks...
There really is no one
Who isn't working hard!!

Some people might feel like "I'm working hard"
But they might not be good at it!!

That's why I think it's tough to be an influencer
But let's all do our best from tomorrow on!!!!!

You're not alone!!!

I'd like to write blogs that'll make people smile and cheer up
When they feel they can't do their best at work!

Don't you think our blogs are for that kind of stuff??

Because we're idols!!!!

If Eri's blogs bring a smile to your face
And if they make you feel like doing your best again tomorrow
I'd be happy to keep writing those kind of blogs!!!

The manga "Himari no Ichida" is now on sale!!!

I've been asked to be on the obi and give commentary!!

I'm so happy (crying)

A job for a publication ❤️

Really I'm so happy!!!

I've updated my Instagram so please check it out!!!

I'd love if you could spread the word ❤️