Sunday, January 9, 2022

Recruiting for Knives Out. Ikuta Erina

Hi❤️ It's Eripon ( ̄▽ ̄)

I relaxed in bed all day!!!

I played Knives Out for 2 hours during the day lol

At the end, I was chased by 3 cars!!!

What a day!!

I came in 4th place!!!!! 😭

Really, someone please share a car with me in the game lol

My current pink car is so cool!!

But I don't want to pay for such things lmao

I live by the motto "free-to-play" lol

I'm going to play again at 10:30 P.M.
Do you guys want to play????

I'll do a squad or a duo game

We'll be looking for enemies lol

Please walk past the bots in the game lol

Get down to North Port!

Stay in front of the apartment in front of you

We'll take them down.

Well, I'll see you in Knives Out.

I updated my Instagram!!!

Please check it out!!!!!

Please follow me!!!