Thursday, December 23, 2021

Kyun-desu. Ikuta Erina

 Hi❤️ It's Eripon ( ̄▽ ̄)


We got a lot of love from everyone at the 9ki event \( ˙▿˙ )/" !!!

I'm looking forward to the show in Osaka ❤️

You know!
Mizuki told me the day after the first event that she really enjoyed it
I was so happy about that!!!

I think Eri is the type of person
Who feels better hearing what other people feel like
Rather than feeling it myself!!!

Really I was so happy!!!

Of course Eri had fun as well!!!

When in the car ride to work
I keep playing this video of our event lol

Somehow, it was the first time for us to have an event together
It's really painful that we've never had one up until now!

But I'm really glad we were able to do one this time ❤️

Thank you so much ❤️

I hope everyone else had fun as well?

Let's enjoy the Osaka show as much as we can ❤️

Thank you for your support!!

I'll be updating my Instagram!!

Please take a look!!